Bill Hamilton has built his business up in several countries over the last 30 years. His 40 years of experience in surfing and surfboard shaping, has made his name well known to surfers all around the world.

The current economic shift in world business is being slowly rebuilt and the market places of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hawaii, US Mainland and Europe will once again supply Hamilton Surfboards from the stand up surfboards to the sleek ultra modern hard wood guns of today.
There is no substitute for the forty five year Bill Hamilton has in the surf board shaping business and it is still a work in progress.

The Custom Surfboard is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Today’s technology has rapidly sped up the process from hours to minutes. However the individual variable of body structure, skill level, type of wave and many more personal demands can not be overlooked. Everyone has their own standard.
Hamilton’s experience has shown that surfboard shaping is very much like that of a tailor. He tries to fit the surfboard to the person and their place. Not any one piece can be called the same. Proof is in the pudding. That’s why its called custom.